Harmful Radiation

The ideal solution for neutralizing Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Pollution is the use of the device

Feel Calm, Lighter, Full of Energy

How Alpha Dynamics Functions

ALPHA DYNAMICS is an ALPHA waves (7.83 Hz) generator. The ALPHA waves are the natural frequency of the Earth and the human brain. The device, by constantly emitting 7.83 Hz, creates a protective energetic net, neutralizing the harmful effects of Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Pollution, and restores and regenerates human energy as well as the energy of a space. A harmonious atmosphere is created which relaxes and soothes.


In homes in order to create healthy living conditions and a harmonious ambiance.


  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Shops
  • Therapy centres
  • Beauty parlours
  • Hairdressers
  • Spas
  • Fitness Studios
  • Schools
  • Factories

and all work environments in order to create healthy working conditions and a harmonious atmosphere.

How to use Alpha Dynamics

It is very small and easily used, plugged in a socket on a 24-hour basis. It only consumes 1.5 watt. Any socket is suitable. Do not plug it in a power extention together with other electrical equipment. The alpha waves must continually be emitted in order that you permanently have their beneficial effect. It can be placed in any room – including the bedroom – of a home or work environment. It has a long range and can cover an entire apartment, house or work space of about 250 sq. m. It does not matter whether the light is upwards, downwards or sideways. It shows that the device is functioning. ALPHA DYNAMICS needs no service.

For the USA and Australia:

You need a simple adaptor, which is available in your country  in every electrical shop,  so that the device functions according to your voltage.

The Benefits of Using Alpha Dynamics

The ALPHA waves, the vital resonance of the Earth, are most beneficial to the human system, enabling us to be in good physical and psychological condition.

Your immune system will be greatly reinforced and your sleep pattern will improve. You will start to sleep better and wake up feeling calm, lighter and full of energy.

Your work performance will equally improve. Your powers of concentration will increase, you will be able to realize your potential and will become more effective, efficient and productive. The ALPHA waves are psychologically very beneficial, the human system is regenerated and revitalized and we are in a good frame of mind.

As in homeopathy like heals like, in the same way we can heal the evils of technology through technology.

In order to meditate:

You need not play the appropriate piece of music, which may emit the ALPHA waves frequency in order to meditate. ALPHA DYNAMICS offers you this possibility on a 24-hour basis.

You need not practise techniques such as producing the sound OM in order to be in the frequency of the ALPHA waves. It can be strenuous and is no panacea, especially if your home is on geopathic lines. By using ALPHA DYNAMICS you can effortlessly concentrate in order to meditate with a successful outcome.

Apart from that, by playing music and practicing special techniques, the energy created only covers the specific place where you meditate, it does not spread in the rest of the space, and the effects last as long as the music is on or a technique is performed.

Buying the device ALPHA DYNAMICS is a life’s investment, as you will have a high return, by greatly improving the quality of your life via the beneficial energy which is produced.