Restaurant with Geopathic Stress

Geopathic lines crossing at the entrance, one line running through the restaurant and the kitchen.

  1. Kitchen: A decline in cooking quality.
  2. Tables: Clients always complaining or not sitting at those tables.
  3. Entrance: An invisible, repulsive wall is created which drives potential guests away.


Office Building with Geopathic Stress

Geopathic lines running through a number of offices.

The employees sitting on the lines may be unable to perform their work properly, lack of concentration, quarrels with colleagues and other behavioural problems., fatigue, sleepiness, lack of efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.


House with Geopathic Stress

Geopathic lines running through the bedrooms, the living room and the dining areas.

  1. Bedrooms: Restless sleep, insomnia, headaches, migraines, exhaustion, quarrels, minor or major illnesses.
  2. Living room: uneasiness, restlessness, stress, quarrels.
  3. Dining areas (kitchen and balcony): Indigestion, restlessness, arguments during meals.


Office with Geopathic Stress

Geopathic lines running through the reception, three offices and the meeting room.

  1. Reception: Clients may complain vigorously with no apparent reason, or personnel not carrying out their tasks properly.
  2. Offices:  Lack of communication, isolation, no co-operation, antagonism.
  3. Meeting room: Lack of proper communication, arguments having no grounds.

Εxposure to Geopathic Stress adversely affects the human system.

To know danger is bliss because we can avoid and overcome it, as a captain does when a typhoon moves in the direction of the ship. He changes course and avoids it!