How Can I Use It?

It is very small and easily used, plugged in a socket, on a 24-hour basis. It only consumes 1.5 watt. The ALPHA waves must continually be emitted in order that you permanently have their beneficial effect.

For the USA and Australia:

You need a simple adaptor, which is available in your country  in every electrical shop,  so that the device functions according to your voltage.

Which Socket Is Suitable?

Any socket is suitable. Do not plug it in a power extention together with other electrical equipment. It does not matter whether the light is upwards, downwards or sideways. It shows that the device is functioning.

Can I Change Sockets?

You can change sockets in case another one is more convenient. Do not keep changing sockets for using electrical equipment, such as a vacuum cleaner, in order to avoid forgetting to plug it in again, or damage it due to inattention.

In Which Room Should Ι Place It?

It can be placed in any room – including the bedroom – of a home or work environment. It has a long range and can cover an entire apartment, house or work space of about 250 sq. m.

Does It Cover a Two-Storey House?

It can cover a two-storey house of about 250 sq. m. Ιt can be placed on either floor.

What Is Its Lifespan?

It is unlimited. It needs no service.

How Long Does It Take to Notice the Beneficial Effects?

You will notice the difference immediately or after a short time. Your immune system will be greatly reinforced and the quality of your sleep pattern will improve. You will start to sleep better and wake up feeling lighter, calm and full of energy.

Your performance will also improve. Your powers of concentration will increase, you will be able to realize your potential and will become more effective. The ALPHA waves are psychologically very beneficial, the human system is regenerated and revitalized and we are in a good frame of mind.