The Earth, as it was ascertained scientifically, produces its own electromagnetic field, which was measured at approximately 7.83 Hz, a frequency which is identical to the ALPHA WAVES emitted by the human brain. In 1952 the German physicist W. O. Schumann proved the existence of this frequency mathematically. It was named after him “Schumann Waves or Resonance”, also named “Earth Brainwaves.” In 1962 this frequency was detected and recorded in the United States.

Geopathic Stress is the outcome of a distortion of the electromagnetic field of the Earth, which is caused by natural phenomena, and today, to a very high degree, by humans’ constant and ruthless interference in Nature. Underground water and cavities, fault lines, underground and water pollution through all kinds of wastes, whether toxic or not, cause the distortion of the natural frequency of the Earth.

Earthquakes are a major factor for creating Geopathic Stress, and in countries and areas whit much seismic activity, Geopathic Stress is particularly strong.

Electromagnetic Pollution, created by strong electromagnetic fields produced by pylons, large transformers, sub-stations, high tension cables mobile telephone, television and radio antennae and WI FI, can also cause Geopathic Stress and negatively affect the natural waves emitted by the human brain.

The electromagnetic fields which are created by all electrical appliances, affect the natural form of the waves emitted by the human brain. The electromagnetic field of the Earth, which is 7.83 Hz AC, is very different to those created by electrical appliances and is 50/60Hz AC.

We can be severely affected by Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Pollution, as the harmful energy which is produced penetrates the human system, which is vulnerable to unnatural frequencies, and can cause great dysfunction.

Exposure to Geopathic Stress either by sleeping or sitting on geopathic lines for a long time, at home or at work, may be the major cause for various symptoms and health issues ranging from minor to major ones. Our psychological and physical condition is endangered and our general well-being. Extensive research has shown that Geopathic Stress can be the crucial factor for developing serious illnesses and problematic psychological conditions.

The symptoms and the diseases can vary according to each person’s constitution and reaction to the harmful effects, the intensity of the geopathic lines and the period of time they have been exposed to them. The symptoms and diseases can be very low energy, lack of concentration, learning difficulties, headaches, migraine, restless sleep, nightmares, insomnia, sleep walking, inexplicable fatigue, behavioural and other psychological problems – as Geopathic Stress adversely affects the nervous system – difficult pregnancies, miscarriages, cot death, cancer, M.E. (myalgic encephalomyelitis), multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer. The list is very long. Medical authorities have acknowledged the dangers of Geopathic Stress and take it into account when they make their diagnoses

The ideal solution for neutralizing the harmful effects of Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Pollution is the use of the device ALPHA DYNAMICS.

ALPHA DYNAMICS is a Schumann or ALPHA WAVES (7.83) generator. The ALPHA WAVES are the natural frequency of the Earth and the human brain. The device, by constantly emitting 7.83 Hz, creates a protective, energetic net, neutralizing the harmful effects of Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Pollution, and restores and regenerates human energy as well as the energy of a space. A harmonious atmosphere is created which relaxes and soothes.

The ALPHA WAVES are most beneficial to the human system, enabling us to be in good physical and psychological condition.

Your immune system will be greatly reinforced and your sleep pattern will improve. You will start to sleep better and wake up feeling calm, lighter and full of energy.

Your work performance will equally improve. Your powers of concentration will increase, you will be able to realize your potential and will become more efficient, effective and productive. The ALPHA WAVES are psychologically very beneficial, the human system is regenerated and revitalized and we are in a good frame of mind.

In order to meditate:

You need not play the appropriate piece of music, which may emit the ALPHA WAVES frequency in order to meditate. ALPHA DYNAMICS offers you this possibility on a 24-hour basis.

As in homeopathy like heals like, in the same way we can heal the evils of technology through technology.

Buying the device ALPHA DYNAMICS is a life’s investment, as you will have a high return, by greatly improving the quality of your life via the beneficial energy which is produced.

In homes in order to create healthy living conditions and a harmonious ambiance, and all work environments in order to create healthy working conditions and a harmonious atmosphere.